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Road, Futian District, Shenzhen flowers flowers department ADS

2015-07-22 14:12:03

Case Details

Project Address:

Road, Futian District, Shenzhen flowers flowers Department Store on the first floor

Project Description:

Naughty is emerging in recent years a large children's play equipment. Naughty operations and install from the site constraints, whether indoors or outdoors, or irregular space, you can install, simple to manage, easy maintenance.

Naughty feature of the design is based on the child through scientific perspective combined to form a set of recreational, sports, educational, fitness as one of the new generation of children's activity center. The facility is conducive to children full vigor and imagination, have fun at the same time, the body get aerobic endurance Duan Lian; help meet the children belligerent, and not far behind, brave explorers and other psychological demands, so that children healthier Grow Smart happy; at the same time helping to train children brave, tough, tenacious personality, training speed, strength, balance, coordination, achieve physical fitness, brain puzzle purposes.

Naughty venues scope schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, residential property, playgrounds, Children's Palace, shopping malls, supermarkets and other types of indoor and outdoor play areas for 2-13 years old Height no more than 1.3 meters of children's play and entertainment.

Naughty material, mostly plastic, PVC leather, galvanized steel frame, sponges. Naughty inside the main rides have trampoline, ocean ball pool, gliding, single-plank bridge, cable bridge, cockpit, rotating slides, large slide, Rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbines, cannons, air cars, coconut trees, water Bed, balloon house, turn horse, time travel, happy octopus, water slides, water roller, pirate ship and so on. Depending on the rides, the Fort naughty price of different options from several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars per square meter per square meter.
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