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Warmly celebrate joy Lucky Dog in shenzhen futian Newport mall

2015-07-21 23:24:16

In February 2014, Shenzhen Lucky Dog Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. Signed a contract with Newport mall smoothly. Through investigation and consultation of the early, Newport business groups agree with "lucky" indoor theme park design concept and management pattern, the market prospect is also very bullish on the project, Newport business groups also after signing of the "lucky" company strength, prospects and team highly appreciated and decided to fukuda Newport mall children indoor theme park cheetos company contracted to music.

Shenzhen futian Newport mall is located in shenzhen CBD fuk road and intersection sheckhard street. Construction area: 60000 square meters. Adjacent to metro line 3, and are planning and construction of metro line 7, excellent geographical location and the surrounding environment. By le cheetos company from design, production, construction and operation of indoor children's park will open in August.

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