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The country's first pigpigman theme park will be located in shandong province

2015-07-21 23:25:17

In October 2014, the country's first indoor pigpigman theme park will be in shandong laiwu "evergrande jinbi world".

This project is one of China's top 10 real estate enterprises evergrande group for $25 million, the theme from guangdong singing sound culture communication co., LTD., China's top ten one of the most famous cartoon character pigpigman culture content and brand support, from shenzhen le cheetos amusement equipment co., LTD. To build.

This project is located in laiwu city in shandong province fallen snow.where scenic spot fallen snow.where lake laiwu jinbi world villa area, 2.5 km away from jiqing the downtown fallen snow.where export and dart S242 through the project on the west side, the geographical position is superior, covers an area of 15000 ㎡, crowded, business prosperous, the transportation is convenient, developed tourism. Pigpigman theme park from the design, packaging to the construction, operation and amusement facilities are all provided by le cheetos company, through the music cheetos first-class design team took five months to build, the park contains amusement, gifts, video games, food and beverage, popular entertainment facilities such as the early education, is the country's first indoor pigpigman theme park.

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