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Warmly celebrate the company longgang opened the shop

2015-07-21 23:26:05

June 1, 2013, my company is a proprietary shop ─ ─ longgang world trade shops, in longgang world trade department store grand opening, opening on the day of the amusement of the children in the park to nearly 1000 person-time, scene. Longgang the shop is located in the center of longgang district, crowded, business prosperous, the transportation is convenient, is a naughty castle children's paradise. The store opened, it is on the company's own brand ─ ─ cheetos paradise brand image promotion, to the company investment promotion to join business has the milestone significance in the future. Opening ceremony of company leaders has high hopes for the store, brand shop, hope the store set up good company image, China merchants help franchise for the company.

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