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Product name : Candy naughty fort series          Product Category : Candy Series

Product ID : LQD-TQB001TG                               Specifications : 215Meters


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Naughty castle's brief introduction: 
Naughty castle is emerging in recent years, large children's amusement equipment. Naughty castle operation and installation site without limit, whether indoor or outdoor, or irregular space, can install, management is simple, easy maintenance. Naughty fort materials as engineering plastics, PVC leather, galvanized steel pipe frame, and sponges. Naughty castle inside the main attractions are trampoline, ocean ball pool, and gliding, wooden bridge, large chain bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbine, cannon, air cars, coconut trees, water bed, balloons, ZhuanMa, time travel, happy eight claw fish, water slides, water roller, pirate ship, etc. According to different attractions, the different schemes of naughty castle price from a few hundred yuan per square meters to thousands of yuan per square meter. 
Naughty castle is designed according to children's characteristics, through the science of three-dimensional combination, forming a collection of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness for the integration of a new generation of children's activity center. The facility is beneficial to children energy and imagination into full play, in to have some fun at the same time, the body get aerobic endurance exercise; Competitive to meet the children, not to be outdone, have the courage to adventure and psychological requirements, make children more healthy happy growth wisely; At the same time to cultivate children's brave, tough, tenacious character, exercise the speed, strength, balance, coordination, achieve the goal of physical fitness, the healthy brain intelligence.  
Shenzhen Lucky dog amusement equipment co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, manufacture, sales, and stores to expand operations as one of the amusement equipment company, the company is located in longgang district of shenzhen, owns 6000 ㎡ modern standard factory building, large-scale exhibition hall and quality testing laboratory, etc. Company equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, implementation of scientific quality management system, product raw materials comply with the eu safety environmental standards, products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and European CE certification. 
Companies adhering to the integrity first, quality first, customer first business purpose, product excellence. Companies with modern enterprise management system and perfect after-sales service network, providing customers with first-class service. 
Lucky dog r&d team is a team full of youthful spirit, this group of young people have ideas, from the brand-name colleges and universities at home and abroad and overseas students studying abroad, they learn from foreign advanced preschool education experts children sensory education idea, through the humanized design, clever use of sound, light, electricity, water, color combination, created the independent brand "le cheetos paradise". Through cooperation with domestic each big business super, has established several chain business outlets throughout the country, the main partners than rt-mart, bofeng lotus, sea, department stores, wah department and trade department, etc. 
Happiness start from here, let the children swim in the sea of happiness! Is the dream of our perseverance! 
Is committed to building China's naughty castle industry first brand "Lucky dog paradise", we are striding forward!