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Background introduction: 
According to statistics, there are almost 200 million children in China, the city is generally for the "4 + 2 + 1" family pattern, "six purse for a child to spend", the annual per capita play even if calculated according to 1000 yuan, wealth generated by their market value are also more than in 200 billion. 
Children's indoor amusement projects in the development of the European and American countries have very mature, but in China, in addition to a handful of big cities and provincial capital cities, general city should find a decent children's playground, children's playground. Look from the market rule, seize market opportunities, means that the mastery of the most profitable, least competitive of golden development period. 
Lucky dog to pass happy, find children's potential, to promote parent-child interaction. Lucky dog park, children's paradise, happiness start from here, let the children swim in the sea of happiness. 
Joining Lucky dog, jiamingfei, brand licensing fee, management fee, training fee, propagandist cost, full support. You only need to make a choice, copying music Lucky dog paradise profit model, create belong to you the wealth, we protect for you! 
【 market】 : Lucky dog with years of experience in market operation, scientific management methods, the concept of innovation, developed rapidly grow into the domestic children's amusement brand operators; 
【 product advantage】 : Lucky dog a strong r&d team, developed more than hundreds kinds of new children's amusement equipment, unique creative design, make your children's paradise is different; 
【 quality advantage】 : Lucky dog paradise products raw materials comply with the eu safety environmental standards, products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and European CE certification, to ensure that the product is safe and environmental protection; 
【  marketing advantage 】: Lucky dog to join the team has a mature market operating experience, focus on steady steady, make sure to open a, a success; 
【 brand】 : Lucky dog paradise children indoor parent-child paradise is a high-profile brand, give you a good business investment opportunity; 
【 profit advantage 】 : Lucky dog paradise asymmetric, low input, high return a single input, multiple profit; 
【 price】 : Lucky dog park completely independent research and development production, eliminating the middlemen link profits, maximize savings along to franchisees, ensure the joining trader project success rate; 
【 Service advantages: 】 Lucky dog joined the team from franchisees project site selection, management training to the opening ceremony, event planning and so on various aspects, give whole nanny service and guidance.