Joining process


1, consulting, joining trader online through QQ, phone, fill in online an application form of joining methods such as 400, consulting to relevant matters. 
 2. Location: chain headquarters to assist franchisees choose project site, negotiate with the mall, to guide the related industry and commerce, taxation formalities. 
 3, design: according to join mall chain headquarters to design renderings. The joining trader guidance for store decoration according to agreement. 
 4. Production: chain headquarters according to the joining trader project rendering for production, stock up. 
 5, distribution, logistic cooperation in material supply chain headquarters. 
 6, installation: chain headquarters sent a professional installation team, for the joining trader project equipment installation and debugging. 
 7, In July and training: chain headquarters system training of franchisees, including product knowledge, marketing strategy, service specification, store management skills, etc., making membership card sales system. 
 8, opening: chain headquarters for franchisees to provide professional business planning. 
Late September and support: 
 9, Join 
A, business equipment, free maintenance. Exempt from franchisees trouble back at home. 
B, the joining trader equipment to old change new. Lowering the operating costs for the joining trader. 
C, franchisees, priority to upgrade. Promote franchisees competition ability. 
D, to franchisees continue, targeted to provide marketing planning, strengthen the market competitiveness of franchisees.